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Join Zetwerk in the fight to save lives and livelihoods of migrant workers

While the COVID-19 Pandemic has wreaked havoc for walks of society, we are particularly aware of the problems faced by workers employed by MSMEs in manufacturing hubs such as Trichy and Bhilai.

With manufacturing coming to a grinding halt, there is acute stress on MSMEs to keep paying the workers. Many workers are either contractual or daily wage workers aggravating the situation. The situation is dire for migrant worker communities, who have been far away from family without a paycheck. This campaign in partnership with GiveIndia is our way to reach out to that segment, by making available the Essentials Kit. An Essential Kit includes dry ration items and can take care of a family of 4.

The impact of this initiative is not just to help daily wage workers to sustain life, but also to rebuild their lives. The contribution of the manufacturing sector labourers is immense. Without their support, citizens will not have access to most of the privileges we have for our day-to-day living. It is time to support such heroes at the time of need and to also help the economy bounce back to normal.

Zetwerk is donating a lump sum of Rs 2,00,000 to start the initiative. Additionally Zetwerk will also match 25% of all donation upto Rs 2,00,000, taking the total contribution up to Rs 4,00,000.

Help India fight Coronavirus. Join hands with Zetwerk and GiveIndia in providing the Essentials Kits to migrant workers.

GiveIndia charges 0% for all COVID-19 fundraisers, 100% of your donation is forwarded towards relief efforts.


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500 families still need support

By donating to this mission you can provide ration kits to vulnerable communities and help them survive the COVID crisis

500 families still need support

Help the poor sustain the COVID lockdown

Send them weekly ration kits

Help them sustain themselves and their families

How you can help

You can be a part of the solution to provide weekly ration kits to poor labourers and their families, who have lost their jobs due to Coronavirus


for monthly rations for a family of four


for weekly rations for a family of four

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